Patient Transfer

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Our transfer module can be used to facilitate the process of transferring patients between different areas, departments or hospitals.

The module has several functions. First and foremost, it automatically checks the availability of beds or resources in the target department or hospital. The nursing staff selects the desired target department from a list of available options, after which the current availability of beds in the selected target department is displayed. The module provides filtering and sorting options to refine the bed availability according to specific criteria. When an available bed in the target department is selected, further information is displayed, such as the room number, bed type, availability of medical equipment or special facilities. The nursing staff can reserve an available bed in the target department by selecting the appropriate option. Additional information, such as the expected transfer date and the reason for the transfer, can be entered when making the reservation.


Transparency of occupancy and postponement

Overview through real-time localization

Real-time communication between logistics and nursing staff

High savings potential

Relief for nursing staff - more time for patients


The nursing staff or attending physician can create a transfer request via the app. Information such as the patient's name, the reason for the transfer, the desired destination department and the expected transfer date are entered.

The app updates bed availability in real time to ensure that nursing staff always have the latest information. Nursing staff can track the progress of each transfer and ensure that all necessary steps have been completed.

Nursing staff and logistics have access to a dashboard that not only optimally sorts the transfer periods, but also prepares them transparently.

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