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Our messenger enables secure communication in the healthcare sector to ensure data protection and the confidentiality of sensitive patient data.

Die cibX GmbH bietet einen TI-konformen Messenger-Client an, der den Anforderungen der Telematik Infrastruktur im Gesundheitswesen entspricht.

Your solution ensures secure communication in the medical environment that complies with legal requirements.


As user-friendly as standard messaging apps, but with strict data protection compliance

Efficient and time-saving communication in the healthcare sector

Promotes teamwork for comprehensive care

Adapted for optimal use on all devices


Send messages, photos and videos securely. Even lab results, radiology reports and similar files can be securely exchanged via encrypted chats.

Connect and communicate via voice or video calls at the touch of a button. Start conversations directly from the chat to get quick answers to urgent questions.

Optimize efficient workflows through short, secure voice messages. Comment on lab values ​​or provide instructions to staff with just one click.

Clarify patient questions, obtain second opinions and make team agreements at any time and without complications.

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