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About us

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Company history

"With cibX GmbH, we want to make complex things simple and increase efficiency throughout the hospital and care sector."

Ralf Drüge, CEO

After a key experience with his mother, Ralf Drüge asked himself whether the processes in hospitals could be simplified and presented clearly for the staff so that long waiting times for patients could be reduced or even avoided entirely. During his research, he found software that could already do all of this. However, the hospitals and care facilities could not use them because the hardware did not meet the respective requirements. Ralf Drüge recognized the potential of this software and took on the challenge of adapting the software to the latest technical developments so that it could also be operated with today's latest technology. Since then, we, cibX GmbH, have seen ourselves as a producer of high-quality software solutions for the health and home care sector, as well as a service provider for IoT and M2M projects. We can provide partial services or all services in the sense of a full service. Our focus is on creating individual solutions that are optimally tailored to your company and your needs. We are a highly motivated and rapidly expanding team of highly qualified specialists in the areas of software development, IT network planning, hardware development, call centers, marketing and sales. Our headquarters are located in Airportpark West in Greven with a direct connection to Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO) and the A1 motorway. Further branches are located in Münster, Munich and Leipzig.

Corporate philosophy

"We, as a young team in the industry, do what we do out of pure conviction that we generate a positive reverberating effect by making it easier for hospitals and care facilities to help people. We have a lot of fun doing what we do, yet it's also extremely diverse."

Timothy Ferrier, Business Development

Our goal is to help you find the best possible solution to your problem. We can draw on a wealth of experience, which allows us to provide you with expert advice on a solution approach.
We want to support you in your work with our solution approaches. These support measures are adapted to your individual ideas and needs in the desired areas.
Our team wants to offer you an easy start into our digital world. We stand by your side every step of the way, from development to implementation and beyond.
There is a solution for everything! In addition to our modules in our product portfolio, we are happy to develop individual solutions for you as needed.

Our service

"Our specialty is process optimization in hospitals and care facilities through localization and visualization. In the meantime, we can draw on a wealth of experience. We would like to share this with others!"

Vincent Höwer, Software Development

Problem analysis/Consulting

We look at your problems and wishes together so that we can advise you on a solution.

Technical development

Our product portfolio already contains prefabricated modules for a technical solution. However, if you wish, we would be happy to develop individual solutions for your individual needs.

Front-end development

We help you clearly visualize the data from your individual solution to ensure interoperability.


We provide technical support for your individual process management solution to ensure the performance of the system.

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