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Lean Bed Management

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With the Lean Bed Management module, it is possible to visualize transparent, faster bed and room availability through real-time location.

Beds are prepared before occupancy. For this purpose, nursing staff often have to make arrangements by phone in order to care for the patients. The cibX bed management system provides nurses with an intuitive, easy-to-understand system for requesting cleaning. This saves measurable time. Unnecessary trips and phone calls are avoided. It is also possible to see exactly where a bed is available in real time.

Infected beds and their movement can be tracked throughout the hospital, setting a new standard for hygiene monitoring.


Transparency of bed occupancy and bed cleaning

Real-time communication between nursing and cleaning

High savings potential

Real-time localization of all beds including differentiation by bed type and status

Hygiene monitoring including infectious messages


All devices, which should not leave a certain area, can be limited intuitively by the Geofence function. If an asset should leave a selected area, an alarm message is automatically sent.
Whether the bed is in cleaning, infectious or in storage can be viewed and edited using the intuitive per click system of cibX.
The cibX bed management provides a transparent overview of all occupied and unoccupied beds.

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