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Hospitals and care facilities are always confronted with similar problems: overcrowded hospitals and care facilities, fewer care professionals, new regulations and bureaucratic madness. Due to the psychological and physical stress of the nursing staff it is almost impossible to meet the demands of the patients and the accompanying documentation. Often old work processes and old communication technology are responsible for long waiting times, missing medical technology, patients, information (free rooms and beds) and a general overview.

The cloud-based platform starts exactly where hospital information systems leave their core: with localization and visualization. With location as the driving force and the use of various modules, we make processes more transparent, assets and patients are found again more quickly and the safety of employees and patients at risk of wandering is increased by the simplest means such as geofence. And best of all: cibX is absolutely user-free, cost-neutral and 100% compatible with any HIS model.

Our drive is to revolutionize the hospital and care sector to make planning and utilization of staff, beds and rooms predictable with optimal hardware, software and artificial intelligence approach.



The equipment management module allows medical equipment to be searched, found and managed via real-time location.

For specific features and benefits of the module, click here.

With the Lean Bed Management module, it is possible to make transparent, faster bed and room availability visible through real-time location.

For specific features and benefits of the module, click here.

With the module Patient Transport, it is possible to make patients and their status visible.

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Monitoring and recording of refrigerators and temperature sensitive areas.

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Why cibX?

Cost neutral and 100% compatible with any HIS model

There are no high investment costs for you. As a classic ABO model, you only pay when you use it. The hardware is provided free of charge. Thanks to our software development, it can be used both as an HIS integration and separately.

Efficiency through process management

We make processes more transparent and thus safer. Thanks to us, you have less travel and waiting time, no loss of assets, more time for working on patients, increased satisfaction of staff and patients, as well as an increased level of hygiene.


We offer you project support from the beginning, with consulting to the end, with implementation and connection to the existing hospital information system.

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