cibX – Temperaturmessung

Temperature Measurement

Monitoring and recording of refrigerators and temperature-sensitive areas.

In many hospitals, temperature-sensitive areas are monitored manually on a random basis. This means additional travel, effort and paperwork for maintenance. Deviations from the set point are often noticed late and things outside the measurement time are blind spots. CibX now offers automatic, continuous monitoring and recording of temperature and other measured values.


Automate routine tasks

Safe and continuous live monitoring

Relieve the workload of maintenance staff

Set application-specific limits


Through our alarm function, it is possible to set an upper and lower limit for temperature measurement. Medication or other important assets cannot expire due to the alarm function.
With our system, we record the history of temperatures. This allows a technical record of the refrigerator temperatures.
It is possible to determine when and how long a refrigerator was left open by using a light sensor. This allows a more accurate assessment regarding the expiry of medicines. Demo request

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