cibX – Patientenmanagement

Patient Management

With the module patient management, it is possible to make patients and their status visible.

In many hospitals, internal patient transfers are still arranged by phone. Due to the dynamics of the hospital, even in smaller hospitals it was frustrating for all involved. cibX now offers a smart, universal transfer solution that can be implemented quickly and without much effort, relieving staff.


Real-time location of all patients

Overview of all patients and their status

Geofencing allows control of patients at risk of running away

Fast and uncomplicated implementation

Intuitive user interface


All patients, who should not leave a certain area, can be limited intuitively by our geofence function. If a patient should leave a selected area, an alarm message is automatically sent.
With our system it is possible to interface with any hospital information system. The data can be integrated into the system with the highest security standard if required.
With reusable patient wristbands it is possible to locate and localize patients. In addition to individual geofencing and an alarm function, the patient wristband also contains the stored information from the hospital information system, if required.

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