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The Smartstick

Whether limited in mobility, with (initial) dementia or disorientation - the Smartstick serves as a faithful companion in everyday life and as a lifeline in an emergency.

In cooperation, the companies Ossenberg GmbH, cibX GmbH and Deutsche Telekom AG have taken up the challenge and produced an innovation in the field of walking aids.

The lightweight and height-adjustable everyday walking aid in carbon look is not only an eye-catcher visually, but scores especially with its integrated electronics. Thanks to the built-in GSM modem, the GPS antenna and a SIM card from Deutsche Telekom, it is possible to locate the walking stick and its owner anywhere in Germany and Europe.

The concept of the Smartstick consists of three aspects:

The product

The smart solution for users of mobile walking aids ensures safe mobility in old age.

Alarm emergency call

Pressing the button for a longer time sends an alarm.


We have designed our Smartstick with a user-friendly and appealing design in mind.

Easy handling

Our Smartstick has been developed especially for elderly and demented people and is therefore very easy to use.

The portal

We provide you with access to our specially developed portal, where you can customize various settings.


Virtual fence with variable perimeter. When a configurable zone is exceeded, the alarm is triggered.

Unlimited contacts

You can store as many contacts as you want in the portal.

Constant location information

Thanks to real-time localization, you have constant information about the current location.

The user

Recipient - the contact person receives a message via the portal when an alarm is triggered or the person leaves the geofence area.

Mobile use

You can access our portal at any time and with any device (PC, tablet, cell phone).

APP with push message

When an alarm is triggered, you will receive a push message to your cell phone. (currently Android only)

Free hotline*

Available under the number:
+49 (0) 800 000 30 14


A primary advantage of our Smartstick is the integrated GPS and the associated localization function. The device records its position with an accuracy of up to 10 meters and transmits it to the connected portal. A quick look at the map is enough to see the current location of the walking aid. Let yourself be found for your own safety – throughout Europe at no additional cost.

The Smartstick is equipped with a button/button. This also serves as a call for help button. Press the button/button for at least 3 seconds. An alarm message is automatically transmitted to the portal and sent via push message to the app or via e-mail to the contact persons stored in the portal. This function is possible worldwide* and is supported by a red LED and a beep.

*For use outside of Europe, additional fees may apply!

The use of Geofence increases safe mobility in old age immensely. This is because Geofence makes it possible to draw a virtual fence with a variable radius of 500 meters or more around the device. Especially for people with a tendency to run away, this function serves as additional safety, as an alarm is automatically triggered and sent to the portal if the area is exceeded. Registered contact persons are informed immediately and can take direct action.

Your advantages at a glance

All costs are included in the total price: Smartstick, electronics, mobile communications (2 years in the Deutsche Telekom network), portal, service

You can use all functions of the Smartstick without restrictions, throughout Europe and in all countries in country group 1.

You can manage multiple devices (Mobi, Smartstick) via one portal access.

You can specify as many contact persons as you like.

Web portal with user-friendly and clear user interface.

Virtual fence with variable perimeter. An alarm is triggered when a configurable zone is exceeded.

When an alarm is triggered, you receive a notification via e-mail or a push message to your smartphone.

Thanks to real-time localization, you have constant information about the current location.


* Monday - Thursday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m

The portal

As a partner of Deutsche Telekom, we use the specially developed portal of Germany's largest telecommunications provider. For you, this means secure storage of your data on a German server under German data protection laws. And in addition, a portal with a user-friendly and clear user interface that can be operated by anyone.

Instruction manual

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The concept for the Smartstick consists of two aspects. On the one hand we have the device itself and on the other we have the Portal, on which settings are made via the Internet. An Android app for managing the Portal can be installed via the Google Play Store. The senior usually uses the device and his/her contacts (family or other contacts) use the Portal or the smartphone. The senior does not need a smartphone/computer/fixed telephone line to use the Smartstick.

The device contains a chip that is connected to the Portal via GPS.

You can charge the Smartstick with the included charging cable, which you can connect to a PC or standard plug.

Conditional. The Smartstick is splash-proof and can therefore be used in the rain without any problems.

Yes. – On the one hand, the Smartstick is equipped with an emergency call button that the person can press in an emergency to trigger an alarm that is sent to the contact persons stored in the Portal . The emergency call button on the Smartstick is easy to feel and activate. In addition, in the Portal a geofence (virtual fence) can be set up. As soon as the device leaves this area, a message is sent to the contact persons stored in the Portal . The Smartstick provides a position determination at regular intervals so that the device can be precisely located outdoors.

The volume of the alarm signal is not adjustable but is supported by a flashing LED. It may be that the default volume may not be well audible to everyone. However, visual perception may be sufficient for this.

See answer to the question “Is the Smartstick suitable for people with dementia?”

At the moment the volume of the device is preset.

The Smartstick is sold by our cooperation partner Ossenberg GmbH. Here you can get to the website of the sales store.

  • 1 Smartstick incl. charging cable (becomes your property)
  • 1 SIM card for using the Smartstick throughout Europe and other European countries in country group 1.
    (2 years inclusive, after that the contract can be extended from your side).
  • Free hotline: +49 800 000 30 14
  • Free Online-Portal
  • Free cibX Smartstick App (Android)

No. The user does not pay any extra costs in an emergency.

In order to be able to use all functions without restriction, the user need sufficient cell phone reception. With the Deutsche Telekom AG network, the user has the best coverage throughout Germany and Europe, as well as in other European countries in country group 1, at no extra cost.

The Smartstick has an IMEI number (see also on the back of the instructions for use). To activate the integrated SIM card, please call our hotline: +49 800 000 30 14 or write an mail to During the activation the user will receive the user name and password. The activation of the SIM card can take up to 24 hours. The user will receive an mail from us as soon as your SIM card is activated and can use the location function.

To switch on, press and hold the button for one second. The button on the Smartstick lights up blue and automatically connects to the Portal. To switch off the device by briefly pressing the button twice. The red LED lights up twice and the blue light turns off once the software shuts down (about 1-5 seconds).

Press the Smartstick button for at least 5 seconds that results in a call for help. The LED then flashes red quickly for 10 seconds (interval 100 ms), a beep sounds and at the same time the call for help is transmitted to the Portal .

The contact person who is stored in the Portal receives a message on his/her smartphone (Android) via push message or an mail informing that an alarm has been triggered.

The device transmits the call for help with the current position information to the Portal. All contact persons who are in the Portal registered will receive a message with the exact location of the device and the notification that the emergency call button has been pressed.

No, not at this time. If possible, the person who triggered the emergency call can inform the contact person, e.g. by phone, that it is an accidentally triggered emergency call.

Usually yes. Sufficient mobile phone reception is necessary for the Smartstick to function properly. With the Deutsche Telekom AG network, the user has the best coverage throughout Germany and Europe (country group 1) at no additional cost. So it works anywhere there is a mobile network.

Notification will be sent via mail. There is a direct link in the mail to the Portal.

There is also an app in the Google Play Store - cibX Smartstick. If the contact person use the App, he/she will get a push message sent directly to the smartphone. By clicking on it, the user will then get a map with the current location of the device.

When the battery level drops to about 20%, a low battery warning message is transmitted to the Portal . At the same time, the red LED of the device begins to light up permanently. If the battery level continues to fall until the battery is empty, a warning message will be sent to the Portal . Then the device switches off automatically.

In normal use, the battery lasts about one week. With intensive use (for example, frequent location polling), it may be less.

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