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"Our goal is to make complex things easy to see and increase efficiency throughout the hospital and healthcare sector."

Ralf Drüge, CEO

cibX GmbH sees itself as a producer of high-quality software solutions for the health and homecare sector. We can provide partial or complete services in the sense of a full service. For us, the focus is on the creation of individual solutions that are optimally tailored to your company and your needs. We are a highly motivated and rapidly expanding team of highly qualified specialists in the fields of software development, IT network planning, hardware development, call center, marketing and sales.


Monitoring - Prozessmanagement - Ortung

In many hospitals, certain areas are monitored manually on a random basis. This means additional routes, effort and paperwork for maintenance. Deviations from the target value are noticed late and things outside the measurement time are blind spots. We offer automatic and continuous monitoring as a solution as such.

Monitoring  •  Prozessmanagement  •  Ortung

Process management

Monitoring - Prozessmanagement - Ortung

In many hospitals, many processes are still managed by phone. Due to the dynamic nature of the hospital, it is frustrating for everyone involved, even in smaller hospitals. We offer you a universal and connectable system, which can be implemented quickly and without much effort and which relieves the staff.

Monitoring  •  Prozessmanagement  •  Ortung


Monitoring - Prozessmanagement - Ortung

In everyday life it is easy to forget beds, wheelchairs, infusion pumps or other medical equipment. In many areas, this leads to long search times, inefficient processes and an excessive number of devices. Location enables real-time localization of all devices in the hospital. Through the digital room model of the hospital, locations are precisely named, room by room.

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